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  • Education

    The III% are not radicals, conspiracy theorists, or anti government. find out exactly who we are and what we stand for.

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    Over 40k likes and counting. Facebook was the platform that united III% from all over the country. Like Us today

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    Support our cause & spread the word with official III% Merchandise. Proceeds support growth, training, and awareness. .

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Our mission is simple and viral.  Take the time to learn who we are and what we stand for.  Make the commitment and spread the word.

How to Become III%

What does it mean and where do I fit in?

What can I do to further the mission of the Three Percenters?

How can I be sure if I'm aligned with the morals, values, and idealism of the III%?

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Step 1

Educate yourself, Make sure you believe what we believe.

A house divided against itself will not stand. Matthew 12:26.

Step 2

Like us on facebook, Join the Newsletter.

Visit our site and read the blog, and facebook posts. Stay current.

Step 3

Join a local III% group or start one.

Receive Tactical training and join like minded brothers and sisters..

Step 4

Spread the word, Train Others.

The more trained the more power to make a difference.

Blog Activity

Remain Vigilant, Patriots...we must NEVER stand down.
Patriots, lets celebrate this victory but we must remain more vigilant than ever before, never letti...
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Understanding the Second Amendment.
  Every damn day I talk to people who don't understand what the 2nd Amendment means so I'm goi...
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Additional Materials

Do your homework so you can understand what you are fighting for.

The Constitution

The the United States Constitution.

The Bill of Rights

Read the United States Bill of Rights.

11-27 Amendments

Read the additional 16 amendments to the Bill of Rights.


3% Were Colonists

Find out the origins of the Three Percenters.

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Make it Official

Have you taken an Oath? Define your allegiance.

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We are not conspiracy theorists. We are on standby for our Country. Be Prepared. Why Not?

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2nd Amendment

Get the low down on Gun Control

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