The Three Percenter movement started shortly after the attack on the world trade centers. The movement has continued to gain momentum as our federal government grows more powerful. The states are losing control, federal judges are overruling the people, liberals and democrats are determined to disarm citizens, and the political climate is aggressive and leaning towards socialism. Our founding fathers warned us about this with their intentional laws written into the constitution and the bill of rights. Three Percenters are ex and current military, police, and trained civilians that will stand up and fight if our rights are infringed in any way. Do not be fooled by political spin doctors.

More About Us

The Three Percenters Club was founded and formed unofficially in 2011 on Facebook by U.S. Army Ranger Veteran Michael Graham III. After serving honorably most of his adult life with the 3rd Ranger Battalion / 75th Ranger Regiment and 101st Airborne he started the page after leaving the Army as an outlet to vent his anger over our country being dismantled piece by piece and as a way to continue honoring the oath he to swore to uphold so many years before. TTPC has gone from an outlet to vent his anger to a structured group of United patriots willing to protect our rights against a tyrannical government and foreign invaders. These patriots are also involved in training citizens with military tactics to add to our already uncountable numbers. A very large percent of our group are active military, police, and government officials so do not be afraid of the “government.” We the people are the government and the defenders of the constitution.

Setting the Standard

We have consistently battled against the “extremists” to make sure the Three Percenters maintain their good name. We are not anti government, and do not condone any actions, threats, plotting, or intimidation tactics unless an action is warranted. Believe us when we say “you will know exactly when the time has come for action.” In the mean time we do not want people posting empty threats, or making ridiculous statements acting on the behalf of The Three Percenters. Our job right now is to train, educate, spread the word, expand, and raise funds for candidates that we support for government office. Starting at the local level all the way to the top.

Our Mission

To Train civilians how to fight, and unite the Three Percenters across the country in order to protect our liberties against constitutional infringments.


Our Values

Our founding fathers built the greatest most succesful country in the history of the world on one core foundational thing. Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Weather you believe in Jesus “yet” or not, there is no denying that our country was succesful due to the prinicpals set forth that were based on faith. The founding fathers were not afraid to fight for what they believed in. Neither are we.

Our Solution

The initial solution is to elect officials that stand up for and protect the consitituion. We WILL be endorsing canidates at every level of government so the Three Percenters can all vote for patriots. The next step in the event that our constitution is infringed upon we would make demands to our government leaders as a united force. Remember that our governemnt is supposed to represent us the people. If they refuse to listen we will take action. This means whatever it takes to get the correct people in power to defend the constitution. There is NO EXCEPTION to the constitution of the United States of America. When you join the military or take the Oath of office that is the first thing you are sworn to protect.