Obama said, at Arlington National Cemetery today, “the country must never stop trying to fully repay them for their sacrifices.”…BULLSHIT!!! This is the same SOB that changed the ROE’s that resulted in many many of our service members ending up in Arlington. This pathetic traitor has intentionally weakened our country. He gives aid, comfort and weapons to our enemies, to countries that have sworn to destroy The United States and our allies… our real allies! People…that’s the very definition of TREASON…yet he is a free man.

What Obama has done doesn’t surprise me, we all knew he was a traitor from the beginning. I’m really not even surprised that most of our own party sold us out, otherwise Obama and all his accomplices, and there’s a lot, would’ve been put in orange jumpsuits and shipped off to Guantanamo six and half years ago! If you all still think we can take our country back with the vote…peaceably…then you’re the ones who’re going to be in for a BIG surprise! Our crooked, traitor politicians may not hold each other accountable for their actions but I DAMN guarantee you the 3%er’s will!!!
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club