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Understanding the Second Amendment.

Every damn day I talk to people who don’t understand what the 2nd Amendment means so I’m going to break it down for you, explain in terms even a Liberal can understand…whether they choose to admit it remains to be seen.
The 2nd amendment.


(The first thing people need to understand is what “well regulated” meant in the 17 and 1800’s . It didn’t mean the same thing as to what people think it means now. Today, Regulated means, to control or direct according to rule, principle, or law. In the 17 and 1800’s Regulated meant, to put or maintain in order. So, when our founders wrote the 2nd Amendment and used “A Well Regulated” for the first 3 words, they were referring to “a well armed and well trained” militia, not that the government should, needs or has the authority to dictate what types of firearms we can and cannot KEEP, or where we have the right to BEAR them. People nowadays think it means that the government has the right to regulate our firearms but any rational intelligent person would understand that if it meant what they thought it meant back when our founders wrote it today it would contradict with the “shall not be infringed” part, right?… but we’ll get to that in a minute, but first lets discuss what an actual militia is and isn’t.

The “militia” was not a standing army like the U.S. Army now or even the Colonial Army or Colonial Regulars during the revolution. They were every day ordinary citizens that could be called up at a moments notice in a time of need. They could fight with the regular Army or oppose them if they were ever to became tyrannical. The militias were all volunteer and were under no contractual obligation nor were they paid unless asked to stand or fight a long side the regular Army, but they could leave anytime and were under no oath or contract to stay. The Militias were not controlled by local, state or the federal governments, as I said, it was all volunteer but every citizens duty to be armed and ready. Now, Liberals/Democrats and those who oppose the second amendment would like everyone to believe that National Guard is the Militia…and they would be wrong. Why? Because one, the National Guard is in fact a Branch of the U.S. Army and they are under contract with their state governments, the federal government and receive a paycheck from the government which is the very definition of a “Standing Army”. Our founders intended for our militias to NOT be controlled by the government because if the government EVER became tyrannical they wanted a “citizens militia” to be able to take the power back, by force if necessary, and give it back to the people.


Now the citizens, Well Armed and Well Trained, and uncontrolled militia was necessary for the security of a free state…even if that meant against our own government and in order for the security of a free state the “people” needed to be armed and be able to retain that “RIGHT” to be armed without any interference or infringement from the government…period… our founders knew and understood that if the people lost that right a free state was no longer guaranteed. Now to KEEP means in your home, to BEAR means wear it on your body…your chest, hip, leg, under your arm or even in your waist band, which I wouldn’t do, but hey to each his own….to bear means you can carry a gun in public…period!

Last but not least is my favorite, those four little words gun grabbers, liberals and traitor politicians hate to hear…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Politicians are always talking about how they can ratify any amendment in the Constitution and I don’t disagree…except for the 2nd Amendment. Why? Because it’s the only amendment in the Constitution that has those four words that makes Liberals cringe, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Just like well regulated Liberals obviously don’t know what infringe[d] means either and the meaning of the word infringed hasn’t changed since the 1700’s but for the sake of argument here’s the definition so Liberals will better understand what infringed means.
1. To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate: infringe a contract; infringe a patent or a right.
2. To encroach on someone or something; engage in trespassing:

1. (tr) to violate or break (a law, an agreement, etc)
2. (intr; foll by on or upon) to encroach or trespass

I honestly think no matter how many times we explain it to Liberals either their minds are so warped or they just don’t care so I really don’t think me explaining this to them really matters. They’re willing to give up all of their rights and ours, yes all of our rights, because they’re weak and scared…but they all love to point out that they have a First Amendment “right” to speak out against the Second Amendment but they’re too stupid to realize that the first amendment won’t last very long without the second amendment to protect it…nor will any other amendments. Sooooo….if this breakdown of the 2nd Amendment does anything or helps anyone to better understand it, maybe it’ll wake up all those intelligent and rational people who’ve been lied to, deceived and betrayed by the Main Stream Media, the sellouts who refer to themselves as journalist and our very own government. And if it doesn’t, well, there’s enough of us who do understand what the Second Amendment clearly states and those of us who will die defending it and have no problem making the other person(s) die who try to take it from us.

Understand people, no man, group of men, organization, like the U.N….another country nor our own has the right to take, INFRINGE, on our right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS and anyone who tries will be met with deadly force. Your fear of us owning and carrying firearms does not trump our right to KEEP and BEAR them…understand, if the thought of us law abiding citizens owning and carrying firearms scares you, then what will happen if anyone tries to disarm us should terrify you.

The Fictional Religion of Islam

Despite what liberals, the MSM and the Obama regime have tried to get you to believe, Islam is not protected by the Constitution under religious freedom. Our founding fathers recognized the Quran as a Book of Law. They also recognized Islam as a form of government. Benjamin Franklin even wrote about it after he read the Quran. He said; “Muslims are no more of a religion than saying America is a religion.” Thomas Jefferson has been quoted several times saying “Islam has no place in modern society.”

Americans have multiple ceremonies everyday. Each day in the morning they raise the flag and at dawn they lower the flag. Americans pledge allegiance to the flag and to a group of people. Americans trust in [A] GOD…does that make America a religion? NO!!!!

Muslims [followers of Islam] do the same thing. It’s not a religion but a government group. Why? Because the Quran is actually their book of law, and Islam is their government that they swear they’re allegiance to and are sworn to uphold before any other law or government. Just ask any Muslim and he or she will agree with what I have just stated.
So, with that being said…The Constitution specifically states; Any form of closed and or foreign government operating outside the Constitution within the boarders and or Territories of the United States of America is treason…PERIOD!!!
And before you tell me it’s only a small group of muslims or only the extremist are committing these atrocities, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim or an Islamic extremist…The whole fictional religion of Islam believes the same exact thing. There’s no denominations in the Islamic religion, so they can’t blame another denomination for taking their verses and teachings out of context and being extreme… they’re all taught thee exact same teachings from the Quran, and all believe in the exact same thing. So it really pisses me off when liberals try to separate them into two types. The only two types of Muslims are the ones who’ve committed acts of violence in the name of their fictional religion and the ones who haven’t done so… yet !!!

Lets all remember one thing…What all the peaceful loving religions of the world call RAPE, MURDER and SIN is what is Islam refers to as the will of
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

You’re Not Alone

It seems most of the people I talk to are to afraid to join a militia or resistance group because they say the Federal government is to powerful! They think our government with the help from the United Nations could oppress the American people.

Let me explain something to everyone! The U.N. is made up of 86% of the worlds biggest dip shits! 86% of the United Nations forces are made up with people from third world countries with piss poor training and piss poor equipment. The other 14% is made up from service members from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, etc, etc…in other words, not enough properly trained soldiers to make a difference! As for our military kicking in doors in an “attempt” to forcibly disarm and confiscate firearms from the American people, well, it’s never going to happen! An estimated 90 to 95% of our military will not follow unconstitutional orders to oppress the American people! But just for fun lets say they did. Our Military has 2,850,000 service men and women. That’s all branches combined, active and reserve. Now…less than 10% are trained and equipped to engage enemy troops in combat, that means to close with and destroy the enemy….combat troops…i,e., Infantry, special forces, strike type aircraft, tanks, artillery etc, etc…the rest are support troops…remember, these support troops are only trained for defensive type actions, and that’s limited at best, that means they are not trained to seek out and engage the enemy.

Now lets look at our Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s). 1,280,000 LEO’s in this country and that’s local, state and federal, and yes that includes all the alphabet agencies, combined. In the militia movement alone, we have roughly over 15 million militia men and women in this country and those numbers are from 2012 and I’m sure we’ve grown considerably since then…and that doesn’t include the estimated 80+ million firearm owners in the U.S. and I’m pretty damn sure a good numbers of those who’re not already actively involved will get involved…if only we could get Obama to do the numbers again…yes, these figures come from the Obama administration.

Soooo, in order for the government or anyone else to successfully disarm the American people they would have to simultaneously kick in every door in America and they just don’t have the resources to do that….I assure you if they did, they would’ve done it already, but they never will have the resources. Anyone who’s ever served for more than a minute understands that technology will not win a war all by itself, at some point an opposing force or army will have to put troops on the ground and that’s when well trained and superior numbers will defeat technology. Lets see how motivated other countries are to keep sending their people over here only to have their loved ones sent back in body bags!

Understand, we’re not just a bunch of farmers, a good majority of us are veterans, professional soldiers, the ones who’re not were trained by us veterans. For those who’re not prepared, they’re screwed when the lights go out. They won’t be able to feed their kids or get the medication they need and it won’t matter how much money they have.
It’s time for people to put the Twinkies and the remote controls down and get off the couch and get active because together we have the power and the federal government knows that and it scares the crap out of them! Why do you think they’re trying so damn hard to pass laws to restrict us of our right to bear arms with the ultimate goal of disarming Americans altogether? Because they’re hoping we’ll be good little subjects and willingly surrender our firearms because they passed some bullshit unconstitutional law…they’re going to be disappointed because we will never comply!
I know many of you are scared to get involved or associate yourselves with us but I assure you the alternatives if you don’t are much worse. By not getting involved or associating yourself with us or groups like us is not what’s going to keep you from becoming a target of the Federal Government because if you’re an American you’re already a target, without us you’re just an easy target because you’re alone. We can’t stand by you if we don’t know who you are and we can’t train you and help you and your loved ones prepare if you don’t make an effort to get involved. We have many different threats and enemies coming at us from many different fronts so I understand many of you are scared but don’t let your fear stop you from getting involved because that’s exactly what our enemies want…their success depends on it. I assure you those of us who’ve served are just as scared as you are…the only difference is we’re not letting our fear paralyze us.
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

PREPARE! Yourself


Not only will combat test your strength and stamina, but will also test your mental fortitude. The more understanding you have in modern warfare tactics the easier it is not to panic and freeze up when the rounds start flying over your head. Having the right tools, equipment, weapons, supplies, fitness and knowledge is what is going to give you the mental edge to effectively operate in a combat environment.


If you are not already in good physical shape, it is important to start working on it now. Starting a basic workout regimen that includes running, push ups,  sit ups and you can make use of fitness equipment like stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill etc., but make sure when opting for pricey equipment like treadmill do read the treadmill review before making a choice. This will pay huge dividends later. Combat is physically demanding and can shock the body if it’s out of shape, but by getting into shape now, it will greatly increase the odds of your own survival.


All forms of combat are stressful, confusing and downright exhausting. The enemy is counting on you and your comrades to not be prepared. Their success depends on it. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy a weapon and learn how to use it…effectively. Don’t wait to start a workout regimen. Combat is not the place to try to get in better shape. Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase an LBE[V] or other load bearing equipment. Combat is not the place to realize that your load bearing equipment doesn’t fit correctly. isn’t comfortable or functional. Having the proper equipment and having it fit correctly is as every bit as important as your physical and mental preparation.

Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club


Sometimes it’s necessary to use violence to achieve peace, especially in the case of Islam…peace will never be achieved unless we’re prepared to use violence.
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

The Islamic Threat

I think people like Liberals who choose to ignore how Islam and the Quran instructs it’s followers are ignorant, dangerous and irresponsible. 61% of the contents in the Quran speak ill of the none believers and call for violence against them (us). At best only 2.6% of the Quranic verses are noted to show goodwill and that is only towards Muslims. 75% of The False child molesting prophet Muhammed’s biography, “SIRA” consist of Jihad against the Infidel. Lets get something straight, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim or an Islamic extremist…The whole demented fictional religion of Islam believes in the same exact thing. There’s no denominations in the Islamic religion so they can’t blame another denomination for taking their verses and teachings out of context and being extreme… they’re all taught thee exact same teachings from the Quran, and all believe in the exact same thing. So it really gets my blood boiling when ignorant people, such as Liberals, try to defend them and separate them into two types. There’s only two types of Muslims, the ones who’ve committed acts of violence in the name of their fictional religion and the ones who haven’t done so yet !!!

People like myself who openly oppose Islam are branded as racist by idiots like Liberals. Fact, Islam is not a race. Islam has nothing to do at all with genetics. Islam is an Ideology, a dangerous set of beliefs about individual behavior and rules of society. So think hard, which I know is difficult for you Liberals to do, before you call me a racist! What all the peaceful loving religions of the world call RAPE, SIN and MURDER is what is Islam refers to as the will of Allah. It doesn’t matter if you advocate for or against them you’re still their enemy. First thing they taught us in the Army is how to recognize our enemy…Islam is our enemy and one day they will attack on a much larger scale then they have before because of people like you who appease them. So I’ll do what your kind is too afraid to do, PROTECT MY COUNTRY! I’ll honor my oath and prepare myself and those around me to do the second thing the Army taught me how to do…to close with and destroy the enemy!

And finally, not one single religion in the world is at war. They’re not at war with each other nor anyone else…they all coincide peacefully… except for Islam… and they’re at war with everyone! I find it interesting that all the religions of the world preach and sing about peace and harmony while Islam screams Jihad and death to the infidel. I guess it’s hard to sing about peace when the word doesn’t even exist in the Arabic language…and no, “salaam” doesn’t mean “peace”, it means “submit!” Think about that, people! Let it set in real good!

It’s time we remind Islam that Jihad works both ways.

Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

Happy Independence Day

The Three Percenters Club would like to wish all of our Fellow Patriots a happy and safe Independence Day. While we celebrate our independence this year with family, friends and neighbors, remember to give thanks to our Founding Fathers, Veterans, and the men and women who safeguard our freedom.

We here at the Three Percenters Club will celebrate with family and friends knowing full well that by this time next year, we could be fighting for our independence instead of celebrating it.
Be safe and may God bless you all.
Michael Graham III
Brian Miller
Ryan Wressell III
Kris Petter
Robert Hase

Stop teaching our children to be pacifist and victims, America!

I keep seeing all these commercials and advertisements, even my kids have been bringing stuff home from school, to stop Bullying. Now before any of you candy asses start demanding my head on a pike, listen to what I have to say. I think Bullies are nothing more than a but of bunch of pathetic cowards no matter what age they are, but….I think parents and adult pacifist alike need to grow a pair and stop teaching their kids to be victims and start teaching them to defend themselves.

Now I know many of you are thinking it’s not that simple but actually I think it kinda is. Take the III%er’s movement for example. People from all walks of life, from all different parts of the country with different back grounds. Some weak, some strong. Some young, some old, all of us coming together and working together for one common goal…to be able to defend ourselves from the biggest bully in the country…The Tyrannical Federal Government. Alone we are weak but together we’re the fiercest fighting force in the world who are willing to fight for what’s right, and together we will win.
But to win any fight you must first be willing to fight…and lose….the mindset.

Second comes learning how to fight. But you’ll never learn how to fight unless you’re willing to fight. We need to stop teaching our kids to be victims… pacifist! Schools, the government, everyone wants everyone to be nicer to each other and that’s a nice thought but that’s just is not reality nor the world we live in anymore. For the life of me, with everything that’s happening in the world, you’ll never make me understand how learning how to defend yourself and then using what you’ve learned to step across from someone who intends to do you and or someone else harm is a bad thing.

Look, I’d rather get a phone call from my kids school that my kids and if need be, a few of his classmates, took the school bully behind the bleachers and kicked the ever loving snot out of him, then to hear that my kids have been getting picked on over and over throughout the year. Yes we want to stop bullying but getting angry when little Johnny’s gets his clock cleaned by one or some of his classmates that are fed up with his crap is not a reason to send your kid to therapy for sticking up for him or herself…my dad always said the best way to stop a bully is to aim for the nose…he was right. If we don’t start teaching our kids not to be afraid and to defend themselves, who’s going to defend our nation in the future?
Rant over
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club


So once again, Obama is brainwashing the American people that we need more gun control. Understand America, these jihadist want you dead…PERIOD!!! They don’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat. Conservative or a liberal. They don’t care if you’re a Christian or Hindu or black or white or even purple with pink polka dots…they don’t care they just want you dead! They could give two shits about who you think you are! They have one mission and that is to kill everyone who isn’t one of them. So if you think you can buy your way out of this or hope your way out of this, waiting for the government to protect you, then you are an idiot.

There’s nothing you can say or do, except fight, convert or die… and they won’t stop until everyone’s either dead, converted or they turn the world to ash. One thing is for sure, I sure as hell won’t be bouncing my head off the ground 5 times a day, like a cockroach being fried by a kid with a magnifying glass! And I’m sure as he’ll not planning on dying but will do so if necessary… but dying sure beats converting into one of those cockroaches. Bottom line is you’re on your own because the government can’t protect you, Obama even said they can’t protect all of you all the time and even after saying they can’t protect you all the time their solution is to still further infringe on your second Amendment rights stopping you from being able to protect yourselves… and I say you because I’m trained, prepared and I sure as hell won’t be giving up any of my LEGALLY owned firearms. And lets not forget the “refugees”….they still want to bring in these Insurgents into OUR country! See where I’m going with this? You all seen what the two cowards did in San Bernardino…imagine what will happen when Obama lets in 25K, 30K or who knows how many really…but the Fed’s say they can be vetted… are you going to bet your families life on that? Since the shooting MSM’s have been doing reports on what to do if you find yourselves in an active shooter situation and how to better your chances of survival. Now get this, #1 Run. #2 Hide somewhere, bathroom, under a desk. And finally, my favorite, #3. Fight. that’s right, fight. Grab anything you can and use it as a weapon. One of the Media outlets even said a full can of soda pop would make a good weapon. I agree it would, especially if you could figure out a way to throw the damn thing 1350fps. Not one single media outlet said a firearm is you best chance of survival. Not only does your government want you lay down your arms but the Main Stream Media, or should I say government controlled or state media, is teaching you to be victims. The bottom line is, there are people around the world that want you dead…and now they’re here. They get up everyone morning with one thing in mind, to kill you for their fictional religion….to convert the world to Islam or burn it trying. And then there’s guys like me who’re going to fight like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen but we can’t be everywhere to protect everyone….you have to make the effort to learn how to protect yourselves. YOU are your best chance at survival. Don’t depend on someone else, especially the government, to do what you need to be doing yourself. This current administration, REGIME, has no interest in protecting you…unless you’re a Muslim and the Obama regime is only making that easier for them to come here and kill you. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have or what political party you belong to…YOU ARE AN INFIDEL…A KUFFAR…there’s nothing you can say or do that is going to get you out of this so you all better put your petty differences aside and figure out a way to work together and decide what side you’re on before Islam decides for you.

God Bless

Michael Graham III

Founder of The Three Percenters Club

Beauty Tips Military Ladies Should Follow for Glowing Skin

Being in armed forces you need to be on a regular alert for sneak attacks, hidden explosives, and snipers. You’re dressed in a manly, baggy uniform, often with wild hair tied back tightly in a bun. You’re experiencing different climates while on different postings and hypothetically, there is no time to be worry about that chipped toe nail or the smudged kohl.

Hey! a lady solider,  an effective skin care routine is very much essential for you, so we have listed below some tips that you – our brave “femme-fatale” at the border should follow to keep your skin healthy and glowing:

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing Your Skin: Haven’t we urged you enough about the importance of the basic Cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine? However, with all that duty out in the dust particles and sun rays, your skin will cry-out for additional care.  A full-fledged vanity bag might not be a chance; you can reach out for a 2-in-1 cleanser/toner and carry a moisturizer, or simply go au natural. Rose drinking water works well as a cleanser-cum-toner. A good skin-compatible moisturizer is however necessary, if you have oily skin you should opt for some moisturizers while dry skin ladies can go with any moisturizers with natural contents.

Protect Your Skin from Sun: You will be spending great amount of your time outside in extreme weather bracing the severe sunshine. So you must make your sunscreen your very best friend. Without it, you can be held hostage by a number of skin-related issues like sunspots, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, or in extreme cases, skin cancers. Preferably, you need to look for a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF.

Evaluate Climate Before Choosing Products: Climate change is an essential factor that should be considered for army ladies. For example, what might be simply perfect for women stationed in Iran is unquestionably not well suited for women stationed in DC. Most women never give this a thought and continue using the same products throughout the year, from place-to-place. Before choosing any product you must evaluate the climate and your skin type.

Follow Healthy & Nutritious Diet: Now there’s not much choice when it comes to following a diet. Whatever is the situation, a healthy, natural, nutritious diet is the ultimate way to keep yourself healthy and fit. It will not only keep you fit and strong, but also will provide your skin layer a boost. Make sure you drink plenty of water as keeping the body well hydrated is the secret for a clearer skin.

Looking Good: Yes, you’re in the army, Yes! you’re busy for time to fuss around with make-up, and yes, you have to adhere to the otherwise conservative standards of beauty set by the armed service. However, maintaining a healthy makeup routine is merely heading to work miracles on your presentation and confidence. While you have to keep it just a little toned down while at the work, there’s always your day-off when you can put out your makeup kit and experiment!

When in the military, duty and beauty don’t often match one another. However, you need to remember, there are some skin-essential routines that will keep you looking great, and feeling great. Furthermore, your L’Oreal moisturizer isn’t going to keep you from defending your country when you need to!

That’s was all regarding the skin care tips that military women’s should follow in order to keep their skin healthy and glowing. We hope you liked this article and founded it helpful.

Author at The Three Percenters Club

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