Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Three Percenters / III% Club

We intend to use this web site to put to rest the myths, accusations, stereotyping, and false beliefs that are commonly spread about the III% and our mission in general.

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  • If you are a press or Media member please visit our media page for our press kit.
  • If you have a difference in opinion to any of the content of this page you are not an enemy. ┬áThis is a free country and that is what we fight for. ┬áPlease refer to our education page to see what core values you must have to identify yourself as III%


  • What does it mean to be a Three Percenter?

A true American, it’s what we learned as kids. It’s the saying the pledge of Allegiance, standing for the either Colors or the National Anthem! It’s being proud to be an American, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find fault in our current political situation.


  • Where do I fit in?

As an American it is our duty to ensure we continue what our forefathers envisioned for our country, no matter how much our country has advanced technologically it should not have changed fundamentally.


  • How can I contribute to the mission of the III%?

Spreading the word, getting people to wake up and see the truth behind the actions of our current politicians. What had been our greatest strength, our voting booth, has now been so corrupted we need to get the message out there.


  • How can I be sure if I’m aligned with the morals, values, and idealism of the III%?

If you believe in the constitution and all the values that come along with you, you have the ideals to be a III’er. If you think that being a III’er is anything other than a patriot, the government has won the battle.


  • How do I start my own group?

Converse on our page, meet like minded folks in your area, have your state rep setup some meet and greets and start getting to know your brothers and sisters.


  • Does it cost anything to become a member?

Freedom isn’t free, ideals are learned from great teachers or parents, the only cost is to come with an open mind and ready to learn about our great constitution. This is not for profit. We have a store with merchandise to help fund the growth, education, training, and expansion of the movement if you want to support our cause.


  • What are the duties if I become a facebook admin, and what do I need to do to apply for the position?

It’s more than just posting, its meeting people, getting the patriot message out, and becoming a better leader!


  • What are the benefits to becoming a III% member?

Meeting like minded folks trying to get our country back on the right track, knowing the people you meet will watch your back should anything ever happen.


  • Is it legal to start a group that supports the state Militia?

Our 2nd Amendment sets forth that we need Militia’s to ensure that our government is kept in check, we should always support the Militia.