Starting at the Beginning:

The Constitution was drafted on May 14, 1787.  Just 2 short years after the completion of the Constitution the United States Congress drafted the Bill of Rights.  These were amendments to the Constitution that added additional protection over many areas of vulnerability.  The 2nd Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights which is the amendment that has protected our gun rights for the last 225+ years.  The 2nd Amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Colonials had defeated the Redcoats because they had the right to bear arms.  If guns were restricted early in colonial America we could very easily still be under the reign of the King of England.

Modern Day War on Guns:

The liberal media and many anti gun groups are taking a very systematic approach that is slowly stripping down the walls of security the 2nd Amendment has provided for over 2 decades.  Their focus is on gun crimes.  They completely avoid all the stories that paint gun owners in a positive light and instill fear into the public.  You have heard the argument for years “ Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.”  This is completely true and would still be true even if guns were outlawed.  Would they then outlaw knives and blunt objects?  Bow and Arrows, Hatchets, Cars, Prescription medicine, poison chemicals?  You get the picture.


Common Debates:

  • Q: Why do you need high caliber rifles, assault rifles, or high capacity clips?
    • A: Foreign or Domestic enemies will not be carrying .22 cal hand guns.  While it is fun to shoot guns for sport, the 2nd Amendment was drafted so we can defend ourselves against foreign or domestic enemies.
  • Q: What good will assault rifles do against tanks and fighter planes in the event of war?
    • A:  The military oath states: I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  For this reason you WILL have large majorities of US Military, and Law Enforcement agents that will not obey an order to violate the 2nd Amendment.  i.e….  III%ers.  Many of those planes, and tanks will be turned against the forces that are infringing our rights.
  • Q: The US Military is strong and the need for Militia’s and guns is no longer needed.
    • A:  That is exactly what our founding fathers were warning us against.  The Federal government keeps growing stronger while stripping power from the states. If the people are unarmed they are Powerless.  If our government ever goes rogue and deviates from the constitution we need the option to remove people from office or replace the government leaders entirely.  This may sound like a movie out of Hollywood, but look at all the socialist moves that have been made since Obama has been in office.  If it does not happen in our lifetime what about our children or our children’s children.  Our country is under attack from worldly ideas.
  • Q:  I don’t want to outlaw guns.  I just want make them inaccessible to known bad guys.
    • A:  We already did that.  The NICS National Instant Criminal Background Check already scans individuals backgrounds to make sure we do not sell firearms to felons.  If you are a felon and want a gun there are plenty of black market guns so there would be no need to go to Walmart.  If you outlaw guns only the outlaws will have them.  This is true and will always be true no matter how liberal intoxicated you are.
  • Q:  The US has more firearm homicides per capita than any place in the world.  
    • A:  The homicide stats on registered guns by responsible owners is fractionally involved in these statistics.  Feel free to do a google search for “Registered gun homicide statistics.”  You will find that anti gun liberals use the stats that make their point seem more relevant.  We are not arguing that gun violence is not a problem in this country, but the problem is not gun regulation.  Most gun violence happens in poverty neighborhoods with unregistered guns by uneducated juveniles and young adults.  If your heart is bleeding over guns maybe we should start with our schools and inner city programs.