We’re long overdue for a Revolution in this country. Doesn’t matter if you’re for it or against it, believe it or not, it doesn’t even matter if you’re prepared or not because it’s gonna happen and it’s only a matter of time….like it or not!  In the very near future there’s gonna be some type of major conflict here in the United States, revolution or something else, but it’s inevitable. Lets hope it’s not a Civil War. A civil war is exactly what this regime would like to see…our country divided, fighting each other, using up all of our resources and the government would just have to sit back and watch us kill each other off fighting a war that only insures that a “permanent dictatorship” remains in place in Washington D.C.

We would destroy ourselves and any chance at ever giving this country back to the people would be over. There’s a BIG difference between a Revolution and a Civil War! We must reach out to all of the resistance groups and militias out there, we must figure out a way to put our differences aside and fight together. Our aggressors come from many different places and will attack us on many different fronts. For us to be victorious we must fight together but for us to fight together we must first learn how to work together. I’m not looking forward to a war in our own country but I understand that some things are inevitable and I also understand that sometimes the only path to peace is through war!
Michael Graham III
Founder of the Three Percenters Club.