Cleveland Police dept just got it’s nuts chopped off by the Justice Department for accusations of misconduct. By “order” of the Justice Department the Cleveland PD will mandate new training in use of force, like no using force on fleeing suspects, i.e, tackling. Hiring more “minority officers”, despite if someone “else” is more qualified for the job, and outfit all officers with body cameras! 24 other departments throughout the United States have reached similar deals with the Justice Department. Obama changed our military’s ROE’s which have gotten many of our service members killed and continue to put many more at risk everyday.

Now once again, he’s sticking his nose where is doesn’t belong and doing the same damn thing to our Law Enforcement Officers, further putting them at risk which in turn put the communities they’ve sworn to protect and serve at risk. He’s ordering these departments to overlook qualifications and base their hiring on the color of their skin. Just recently he said it was a mistake for Law Enforcement agencies to have armored vehicles and military style weapons, armored vehicles and military style weapons that he gave them. Our police departments in this country are just a few pen strokes away from going back to night sticks and a whistles…STOP or I’ll yell STOP again! Now many of you may think the power of the police needs to be reigned in…maybe they do, maybe they don’t….but this isn’t about power or abuse of power. This is about tactics and tools…tools that make them more effective against the legitimate threats to our communities but once again, Obama is weakening our Police Departments making the American people more vulnerable….now if you support this that’s your right but you better be able to protect yourselves because soon these men and women who make up our police departments will realize that the pay doesn’t out weigh the the public scrutiny and the risk and they’ll walk off the job and when that happens you better be able to protect yourself…I know me and my III%er brothers and sisters will be just fine. Don’t worry though, soon you’ll have a NATIONALIZED police force to “watch over” you! Because that’s all you want is security over freedom and liberty, right?
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”
~ Thomas Jefferson