I actually had a Liberal tell me today, “what are you NUT JOBS going to do when they surround your compounds?” I said contrary to what the Government and MSM has brain washed you into believing, we don’t live in compounds, we live in houses just like you, maybe even next to you. We hold down the same jobs as you. We shop at the same grocery stores as you, our children go to the same schools as your children, we even go to the same doctors as you.

We are everywhere…we are everywhere because we are the American people just like you. The difference between us and you is we are the best of the American people because we are III%er’s… so tell me again who’s going to be surrounded because it sounds to me like you’re the ones who’re already surrounded? Interesting how a dose of reality¬†always¬†seems to ruin a Liberals day!
Michael Graham III
Founder/CEO of The Three Percenters Club