Recently I’ve had a lot of people asking me what am I planning to do about Operation Jade Helm. I’m going to deal with it like any threat and that’s head on…it doesn’t matter who that threat is, the Russians, the Chinese, Little Green Men from Mars…or DHS. We absolutely can not act until Martial Law is actually declared. Many Americans are on the fence about who to believe, who to support or who the enemy actually is so if we do act first, fire the first shot, we will lose any and all support from the American people and they will in turn give Obama all the support he needs to wipe us out.

Other than that we handle it on a case by case bases, i.e, Bundy ranch. Until that time I’ll do what the Army taught me to do, keep myself mentally and physically fit, prepared and I will train others, like I’ve been doing, and when that first door does get kicked in, again I’ll do what the Army taught me to do…close with and destroy the enemy…whom ever that that enemy may be!
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club