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The Day Our World Change Forever

September 11th 2001 our world changed forever because of the cowardly actions of a sick and demented ideology. As a Nation and as Americans we cried, we mourned and we got angry. But as Americans we pulled ourselves out of the ashes and came together, we stood proud, we stood strong…we stood together. I can’t think of a time in my life where we, the American people, were more united. 14 years later we’ve never been more divided as a nation then we’ve been since the Civil War. The very people who have taken an oath to protect this country have divided us, weakened us and now aids and comforts the very sick and demented ideology that cowardly attacked us 14 years ago…it’s a disgrace to every person who died on 9/11 and every person who’s died, in the service to this country, since.

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No Quarter

No Quarter
To put it simply, the term “No Quarter Given” means to take no prisoners.

Under the international laws of war, it is forbidden to declare that “no quarter will be given”. This was established under Article 23 (d) of the 1907 Hague Convention IV – The Laws and Customs of War on Land.

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Happy Independence Day

The Three Percenters Club would like to wish all of our Fellow Patriots a happy and safe Independence Day. While we celebrate our independence this year with family, friends and neighbors, remember to give thanks to our Founding Fathers, Veterans, and the men and women who safeguard our freedom.
We here at the Three Percenters Club will celebrate with family and friends knowing full well that by this time next year, we could be fighting for our independence instead of celebrating it.
Be safe and may God bless you all.
Michael Graham III
Brian Miller
Ryan Wressell III
Kris Petter
Robert Hase


Obama said, at Arlington National Cemetery today, “the country must never stop trying to fully repay them for their sacrifices.”…BULLSHIT!!! This is the same SOB that changed the ROE’s that resulted in many many of our service members ending up in Arlington. This pathetic traitor has intentionally weakened our country. He gives aid, comfort and weapons to our enemies, to countries that have sworn to destroy The United States and our allies… our real allies! People…that’s the very definition of TREASON…yet he is a free man.

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Cleveland Police dept just got it’s nuts chopped off by the Justice Department for accusations of misconduct. By “order” of the Justice Department the Cleveland PD will mandate new training in use of force, like no using force on fleeing suspects, i.e, tackling. Hiring more “minority officers”, despite if someone “else” is more qualified for the job, and outfit all officers with body cameras! 24 other departments throughout the United States have reached similar deals with the Justice Department. Obama changed our military’s ROE’s which have gotten many of our service members killed and continue to put many more at risk everyday.

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Empty Promises On Some Old Parchment

I received a message from a person who shall remain nameless. This person asked me why we, The Three Percenters Club, focuses only on the Second Amendment and not the rest? Well, this person is kinda right, we do focus a lot of our time and attention advocating for the protection of the Second Amendment but we also advocate for the other amendments too.

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Operation Jade Helm

Recently I’ve had a lot of people asking me what am I planning to do about Operation Jade Helm. I’m going to deal with it like any threat and that’s head on…it doesn’t matter who that threat is, the Russians, the Chinese, Little Green Men from Mars…or DHS. We absolutely can not act until Martial Law is actually declared. Many Americans are on the fence about who to believe, who to support or who the enemy actually is so if we do act first, fire the first shot, we will lose any and all support from the American people and they will in turn give Obama all the support he needs to wipe us out.

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Like it or not!

We’re long overdue for a Revolution in this country. Doesn’t matter if you’re for it or against it, believe it or not, it doesn’t even matter if you’re prepared or not because it’s gonna happen and it’s only a matter of time….like it or not!  In the very near future there’s gonna be some type of major conflict here in the United States, revolution or something else, but it’s inevitable. Lets hope it’s not a Civil War. A civil war is exactly what this regime would like to see…our country divided, fighting each other, using up all of our resources and the government would just have to sit back and watch us kill each other off fighting a war that only insures that a “permanent dictatorship” remains in place in Washington D.C.

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Nut Jobs

I actually had a Liberal tell me today, “what are you NUT JOBS going to do when they surround your compounds?” I said contrary to what the Government and MSM has brain washed you into believing, we don’t live in compounds, we live in houses just like you, maybe even next to you. We hold down the same jobs as you. We shop at the same grocery stores as you, our children go to the same schools as your children, we even go to the same doctors as you.

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Thank you

I remember when my dad found out that I joined a militia he said, why HELL did you go and do that for, what the HELL were you thinking? My dad never served in the military so I didn’t expect him to understand, really, I don’t expect anyone who’s never served to understand why. As a soldier, a veteran, I hold myself and all those who’ve served and those who’re still serving to a higher standard than someone who’s never served. I expect veterans to join militias and resistance groups. All we’re doing is honoring our oath. We’ve been trained for this. Okay maybe not exactly this but I think you get the idea.

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