PREPARE! Yourself


Not only will combat test your strength and stamina, but will also test your mental fortitude. The more understanding you have in modern warfare tactics the easier it is not to panic and freeze up when the rounds start flying over your head. Having the right tools, equipment, weapons, supplies, fitness and knowledge is what is going to give you the mental edge to effectively operate in a combat environment.


If you are not already in good physical shape, it is important to start working on it now. Starting a basic workout regimen that includes running, push ups,  sit ups and you can make use of fitness equipment like stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill etc., but make sure when opting for pricey equipment like treadmill do read the treadmill review before making a choice. This will pay huge dividends later. Combat is physically demanding and can shock the body if it’s out of shape, but by getting into shape now, it will greatly increase the odds of your own survival.


All forms of combat are stressful, confusing and downright exhausting. The enemy is counting on you and your comrades to not be prepared. Their success depends on it. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy a weapon and learn how to use it…effectively. Don’t wait to start a workout regimen. Combat is not the place to try to get in better shape. Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase an LBE[V] or other load bearing equipment. Combat is not the place to realize that your load bearing equipment doesn’t fit correctly. isn’t comfortable or functional. Having the proper equipment and having it fit correctly is as every bit as important as your physical and mental preparation.

Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club


  1. Hi. I’m Michael. veteran of navy and army. 4 yrs active navy BM3. a short stay in Army res. 19D. and a short time with Fl. Militia. I don’t care much for military attitudes. I am hoping to find an active civilian group in Jacksonville, Fl. is this it?

  2. This is Matt in southeast Kansas looking for like-minded men no matter what age to work out together Fellowship together go to the range together I am prior service combat engineer National Guard Kansas sick and tired of the BS I see on the news and the NFL my country is turning into a nation of jelly beans I am currently unemployed but I am not a bum I have 32 years of factory work under my belt

  3. Hi. I’m Deklin I’m out of northern Michigan and I want to get into touch with someone close to me so I can become involved.

  4. I’m in Torrance county New Mexico and i would like to some like minded people

  5. Another government shutdown wtf? California gun laws suck! Looking for a militia to join.

  6. I live in the northwest, how did I get involved in a group?

  7. Edward Coleman

    May 21, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    I am Edward Chase Coleman im for Kentucky. I’m a army veteran I was stationed in fort Benning for around a year doing different schools and getting training. Spent my last couple years stationed on hunter army airfield in Savannah GA. I am very interested in starting a chapter of the three percenters where’ I live.

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