Stop teaching our children to be pacifist and victims, America!

I keep seeing all these commercials and advertisements, even my kids have been bringing stuff home from school, to stop Bullying. Now before any of you candy asses start demanding my head on a pike, listen to what I have to say. I think Bullies are nothing more than a but of bunch of pathetic cowards no matter what age they are, but….I think parents and adult pacifist alike need to grow a pair and stop teaching their kids to be victims and start teaching them to defend themselves.

Now I know many of you are thinking it’s not that simple but actually I think it kinda is. Take the III%er’s movement for example. People from all walks of life, from all different parts of the country with different back grounds. Some weak, some strong. Some young, some old, all of us coming together and working together for one common goal…to be able to defend ourselves from the biggest bully in the country…The Tyrannical Federal Government. Alone we are weak but together we’re the fiercest fighting force in the world who are willing to fight for what’s right, and together we will win.
But to win any fight you must first be willing to fight…and lose….the mindset.

Second comes learning how to fight. But you’ll never learn how to fight unless you’re willing to fight. We need to stop teaching our kids to be victims… pacifist! Schools, the government, everyone wants everyone to be nicer to each other and that’s a nice thought but that’s just is not reality nor the world we live in anymore. For the life of me, with everything that’s happening in the world, you’ll never make me understand how learning how to defend yourself and then using what you’ve learned to step across from someone who intends to do you and or someone else harm is a bad thing.

Look, I’d rather get a phone call from my kids school that my kids and if need be, a few of his classmates, took the school bully behind the bleachers and kicked the ever loving snot out of him, then to hear that my kids have been getting picked on over and over throughout the year. Yes we want to stop bullying but getting angry when little Johnny’s gets his clock cleaned by one or some of his classmates that are fed up with his crap is not a reason to send your kid to therapy for sticking up for him or herself…my dad always said the best way to stop a bully is to aim for the nose…he was right. If we don’t start teaching our kids not to be afraid and to defend themselves, who’s going to defend our nation in the future?
Rant over
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

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  1. Very well put

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