According to recent study, one mass shooting increases the likelihood the that more will soon follow. Now I don’t know who conducted this study and I really don’t care, but I think there’s probably some truth to this study because there’s a lot of Liberals, oops I mean nutcases, out there. With that being said, this is probably going to happen with more frequency and politicians are going to use these mass shootings as a reason to promote more gun control and ultimately seeking to ban all firearms, altogether. Sooooo, I have a few questions.

1) Is it my imagination or did these mass shootings start to pick up under the Obama administration?

2) Who in the hell in their right mind is going to willingly surrender their firearms with everything we’ve seen and everything that’s happening in our country and the world?

3) Are you going to defend your right to bear arms, recognizing and affirming, that no man, group of men country/government or organization has the right to take from you?

4) Isn’t this thee exact reason why our founding fathers wrote the second amendment so the people can take back control of a tyrannical government?

5) What’s your definition of a tyrannical government?……I know what mine is and I’m pretty damn sure the politicians and government we have in place now is exactly what our founding fathers were trying to warn us about.

With everything we’re seeing happening right in front of our eyes, with all the evidence against this tyrannical government, while no one is being held accountable, along with this study and many, many more like it, is absolute proof of why we should be arming ourselves and getting trained.
Keep your head on a swivel and exercise your second amendment rights…choose not to be a victim….or a subject.
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club