The Islamic Threat

I think people like Liberals who choose to ignore how Islam and the Quran instructs it’s followers are ignorant, dangerous and irresponsible. 61% of the contents in the Quran speak ill of the none believers and call for violence against them (us). At best only 2.6% of the Quranic verses are noted to show goodwill and that is only towards Muslims. 75% of The False child molesting prophet Muhammed’s biography, “SIRA” consist of Jihad against the Infidel. Lets get something straight, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim or an Islamic extremist…The whole demented fictional religion of Islam believes in the same exact thing. There’s no denominations in the Islamic religion so they can’t blame another denomination for taking their verses and teachings out of context and being extreme… they’re all taught thee exact same teachings from the Quran, and all believe in the exact same thing. So it really gets my blood boiling when ignorant people, such as Liberals, try to defend them and separate them into two types. There’s only two types of Muslims, the ones who’ve committed acts of violence in the name of their fictional religion and the ones who haven’t done so yet !!!

People like myself who openly oppose Islam are branded as racist by idiots like Liberals. Fact, Islam is not a race. Islam has nothing to do at all with genetics. Islam is an Ideology, a dangerous set of beliefs about individual behavior and rules of society. So think hard, which I know is difficult for you Liberals to do, before you call me a racist! What all the peaceful loving religions of the world call RAPE, SIN and MURDER is what is Islam refers to as the will of Allah. It doesn’t matter if you advocate for or against them you’re still their enemy. First thing they taught us in the Army is how to recognize our enemy…Islam is our enemy and one day they will attack on a much larger scale then they have before because of people like you who appease them. So I’ll do what your kind is too afraid to do, PROTECT MY COUNTRY! I’ll honor my oath and prepare myself and those around me to do the second thing the Army taught me how to do…to close with and destroy the enemy!

And finally, not one single religion in the world is at war. They’re not at war with each other nor anyone else…they all coincide peacefully… except for Islam… and they’re at war with everyone! I find it interesting that all the religions of the world preach and sing about peace and harmony while Islam screams Jihad and death to the infidel. I guess it’s hard to sing about peace when the word doesn’t even exist in the Arabic language…and no, “salaam” doesn’t mean “peace”, it means “submit!” Think about that, people! Let it set in real good!

It’s time we remind Islam that Jihad works both ways.

Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club

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  1. Yashwant Kiran Kachhua

    March 21, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Hi friends ! I am an Indian living in India. My country is under attack by Islamists already. They are carrying out Jihad terror attacks in Kashmir from where the Hindu population has been already completely exiled. Rest of India is seeing a massive political and media Jihad. It’s only a matter of time before a jihadi war breaks out on streets. Right now there are about 25% Muslims in India and yet there’s no peace. Now imagine when they are 40 or even 50%. ISIS has already threatened to carry out massive attacks. We Indian Hindu citizens are not allowed to own weapons or else we would have finished the war in a single night. In such a situation I want to know if I can come to the United States and a tourist and train with all kinds of guns with you guys. We do have a common enemy.

    Thank you

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