You’re Not Alone

It seems most of the people I talk to are to afraid to join a militia or resistance group because they say the Federal government is to powerful! They think our government with the help from the United Nations could oppress the American people.

Let me explain something to everyone! The U.N. is made up of 86% of the worlds biggest dip shits! 86% of the United Nations forces are made up with people from third world countries with piss poor training and piss poor equipment. The other 14% is made up from service members from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, etc, etc…in other words, not enough properly trained soldiers to make a difference! As for our military kicking in doors in an “attempt” to forcibly disarm and confiscate firearms from the American people, well, it’s never going to happen! An estimated 90 to 95% of our military will not follow unconstitutional orders to oppress the American people! But just for fun lets say they did. Our Military has 2,850,000 service men and women. That’s all branches combined, active and reserve. Now…less than 10% are trained and equipped to engage enemy troops in combat, that means to close with and destroy the enemy….combat troops…i,e., Infantry, special forces, strike type aircraft, tanks, artillery etc, etc…the rest are support troops…remember, these support troops are only trained for defensive type actions, and that’s limited at best, that means they are not trained to seek out and engage the enemy.

Now lets look at our Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s). 1,280,000 LEO’s in this country and that’s local, state and federal, and yes that includes all the alphabet agencies, combined. In the militia movement alone, we have roughly over 15 million militia men and women in this country and those numbers are from 2012 and I’m sure we’ve grown considerably since then…and that doesn’t include the estimated 80+ million firearm owners in the U.S. and I’m pretty damn sure a good numbers of those who’re not already actively involved will get involved…if only we could get Obama to do the numbers again…yes, these figures come from the Obama administration.

Soooo, in order for the government or anyone else to successfully disarm the American people they would have to simultaneously kick in every door in America and they just don’t have the resources to do that….I assure you if they did, they would’ve done it already, but they never will have the resources. Anyone who’s ever served for more than a minute understands that technology will not win a war all by itself, at some point an opposing force or army will have to put troops on the ground and that’s when well trained and superior numbers will defeat technology. Lets see how motivated other countries are to keep sending their people over here only to have their loved ones sent back in body bags!

Understand, we’re not just a bunch of farmers, a good majority of us are veterans, professional soldiers, the ones who’re not were trained by us veterans. For those who’re not prepared, they’re screwed when the lights go out. They won’t be able to feed their kids or get the medication they need and it won’t matter how much money they have.
It’s time for people to put the Twinkies and the remote controls down and get off the couch and get active because together we have the power and the federal government knows that and it scares the crap out of them! Why do you think they’re trying so damn hard to pass laws to restrict us of our right to bear arms with the ultimate goal of disarming Americans altogether? Because they’re hoping we’ll be good little subjects and willingly surrender our firearms because they passed some bullshit unconstitutional law…they’re going to be disappointed because we will never comply!
I know many of you are scared to get involved or associate yourselves with us but I assure you the alternatives if you don’t are much worse. By not getting involved or associating yourself with us or groups like us is not what’s going to keep you from becoming a target of the Federal Government because if you’re an American you’re already a target, without us you’re just an easy target because you’re alone. We can’t stand by you if we don’t know who you are and we can’t train you and help you and your loved ones prepare if you don’t make an effort to get involved. We have many different threats and enemies coming at us from many different fronts so I understand many of you are scared but don’t let your fear stop you from getting involved because that’s exactly what our enemies want…their success depends on it. I assure you those of us who’ve served are just as scared as you are…the only difference is we’re not letting our fear paralyze us.
Michael Graham III
Founder of The Three Percenters Club
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum


  1. I believe in God the 2nd amendment and protecting myself and others from any threat to my constitution and American rights and way of life. I carry at all times and do not believe the injustices we suffer from both foreign and domestic powers should be tolerated. If we do not stand together we will perish apart. My husband just informed me of 3 per centers. Until now I thought I was alone in wanting America to be free and God fearing. Thank you for showing me I am not alone

  2. Christopher Dawayne Starling

    October 1, 2017 at 7:45 am

    Thank you for the clearly stated explanation i now know there is someone out there thank you…Unfortunately i am unable to bare arms because im a Felon…BULLSHIT,I have plans to arm myself as well as my wife i would also look forward to joining in the establishment.

  3. “We can’t stand by you if we don’t know who you are and we can’t train you and help you and your loved ones prepare if you don’t make an effort to get involved.”

    I would like to be involved. What steps do I take?

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